Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

Dio Disciples Rocked Wacken 2016 - presenting Hologram of Ronnie James Dio

My brothers Dio Disciples rocked #Wacken.

 Here`s the  link of the stream:

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click here to watch Dio Disciples at Wacken 2016

#ronniejamesdioforever #ddkeepingronniesmemoryalive

Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Rocketqueenpromotionroster: POWER THEORY NEWS

Pic Copyright by photographer

The band is gearing up for its two festival appearances in Budapest, Hungary and Falkenfels, Germany and at this time would like to announce that due to Nygil's unavailability and Nick's prior commitments, a fill in guitarist has been brought into the fold.

We are pleased and honored to announce that it is none other than Budapest's own Attila Vörös! Attila is most well known for his touring with Jeff Loomis and the mighty Nevermore, but has played with numerous other projects during the course of his career.

We will be arriving in Budapest the day before the festival to blow through the set with Attila and nail everything down before we take the stage on September 4th!
Rest assured that Power Theory will be firing on all cylinders. Europe better be ready!

Rocketqueenpromotionroster: Exorcism have recruited Atmar Anur for the drum position - BREAKING NEWS

Heavy Doom metallers EXORCISM featuring RAVEN LORD's and METAL MACHINE's CSABA ZVEKAN (vocals) as well as ex- JORN, guitarist TORE MOREN and NIC ANGILERI on bass have recruited ATMA ANUR for the drum position.
ATMA ANUR is a pretty well recorded modern drummer with over 145 releases under his belt. Best known for top guitar player’s instrumental recordings such as Tony MacAlpine, Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen with bands such as JOURNEY, HARDLINE, VICIOUS RUMORS as well as Marty Friedmann’s & Jason Becker's CACOPHONY.
The band is currently at TOTAL MASTER SOUND STUDIOS, Basel in Switzerland to record their 4th release with an undisclosed title and is scheduled to be release later this year 2016.
EXORCISM comments
Csaba Zvekan

Singer and bandleader CSABA ZVEKAN comments:
“…We just came back from touring straight in the studio works. This way if time allows we can be back on the road again with the new material. ATMA ANUR is a real pro drummer with his own recording studio. That makes life for us so much easier. We’re all excited and working hard to get   you a new and more modern version of EXORCISM presented very soon. 

ATMA ANUR comments as follows: “… A real pleasure to work with Csaba and the guys in Exorcism. We're tracking a new heavy and groovy CD right now... really looking forward to the live shows as well...

Exorcism recently re-released “I AM GOD"
EXORCISM - I AM GODEXORCISM recently announced to re-release their critically acclaimed debut album “I AM GOD” on February 13. 2016 that was taken off the market due to a legal dispute.

With a brand new 2016 mix and mastering made by CSABA ZVEKAN straight from the metal factory the TOTAL MASTER SOUND STUDIOS in Switzerland. A total of 13 songs with the original 10 tracks plus 3 additional bonus tracks from the same era of recording making this a "must have” for the fans of heavy and doom. The record comes out Worldwide on DREAM RECORDS.

The current line up shapes up as follows:

TORE MOREN - Lead Guitar
NIC ANGILERI - Bass Guitar
ATMA ANUR - Drums 

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Rocketqueenpromotionroster: Vicious Rumors confirmed Cd release Party dates


Confirmed ‪#‎concussionprotocol‬ "release party" dates in Germany:

26.08.16 Cologne, Privilege "Headbanger Night" - Start: 10:00 pm
26.08.16 Hamburg, Ballroom @ KING - Start: 10:00 pm
26.08.16 Osnabrück, Bastard Club - Start: 11:00 pm
27.08.16 Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik "Special Metal Nacht" - Start: 09:00 pm
27.08.16 Berlin, Halford - Start: 08:00 pm
02.09.16 Oberhausen, Helvete - Start: 07:00 pm
02.09.16 Munich, Backstage „Crossing Friday“ - Start: 11:00 pm
Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz "Symphonies Of Sickness" - Start: 11:00 pm
16.09.16 Kassel, K19 "Drowning Sun Metal Night" - Start: 09:00 pm

The fans will hear the new album, they will be able to win CDs and other goodies and will also get posters, stickers etc...for free!!!
Spread the news!!!